Benefits of the Easy Snorkel Full Face Snorkel Mask

Are you ready to take your snorkeling to a whole new level? If the answer is yes, you need to try the new Easy Snorkel full face, dry snorkel mask. Once you do, you won’t ever go back to traditional snorkel gear.

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Generally, the main complaint about snorkeling is the difficulty breathing underwater with a traditional snorkel. The mouthpiece is uncomfortable and bulky and can be difficult to breathe through.

The Easy Snorkel full face, dry snorkel mask allows you to breathe naturally – the same way you would on land! The snorkel mask covers your entire face while you are under water, and the design comes with some amazing benefits.

  1. No more snorkel tubes in your mouth. Many people dislike snorkeling because of the tube that must be inserted into the mouth in order to breathe. This is no longer a concern with the Easy Snorkel full face snorkel mask. You can choose to breathe through your mouth, nose or both the entire time your face is under water.

  2. The Easy Snorkel full face, dry snorkel mask gets rid of all the gagging. A lot of people gag during snorkeling either due to the mouthpiece or the inhalation of sea water. The Easy Snorkel mask has no mouthpiece and has a design that limits the intake of water into the mask.

  3. Our full face snorkel mask will never leave you with a sore jaw or mouth, which is a common problem that snorkelers face with traditional snorkel gear. With the Easy Snorkel full face snorkel mask, you will be able to snorkel for hours with absolutely no soreness of the mouth and jaw caused from the mask.

  4. No longer do you have to shave your mustache! Traditional snorkel gear will often leak excessively if you are a male user who has a mustache, but the Easy Snorkel full face snorkel mask completely covers your entire face – mustache included!

  5. No more water coming into your mask! The Easy Snorkel comes equipped with a dry snorkel which will stop water from coming in even if a wave hits you or you dip under water momentarily.

  6. The views are amazing. With the Easy Snorkel full face snorkel mask, you get 180 degrees of unobstructed ocean view. These snorkel masks are not prone to fogging either due to a separate breathing chamber and anti-fog coating on the lens.

  7. The fit is snug and comfortable. The Easy Snorkel full face snorkel mask is easily adjustable with wide straps that won’t get tangled in your hair like traditional snorkel masks.

  8. These masks aren’t just for the ocean! Many users wear a Easy Snorkel full face snorkel mask to swim in a regular swimming pool. They are great for children or those with sensitive eyes. Many adults have found that swimming laps with this type of mask is preferred over regular goggles.

  9. There is no learning curve! You don’t have to waste any of your valuable snorkeling time adjusting to breathing through your mouth underwater. This can be frightening to some and difficult to learn for many. With the Easy Snorkel full face snorkel mask, you just put it on and start snorkeling. There is no restriction on your breathing.

As you can see, the benefits of the Easy Snorkel are incredible. All of the stress and discomfort of snorkeling are GONE so that you can focus on the experience.

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Thanks for reading! I’ll see you in the water!

Emily, Co-Founder @ Easy Snorkel