Experience a Whole New Snorkeling Paradigm with Easy Snorkel’s Full Face Snorkel Mask

Snorkeling is one of the most relaxing activities you will ever be privileged enough to experience. Snorkeling offers you the ability to explore the underwater world and see breath-taking views without needing specialized instruction. It is incredibly easy and fun, and it can be enjoyed by both children and adults.  Additionally, snorkeling has a number of benefits for both your body and mind including anxiety relief, overcoming your fears of the water, and improving your mood.

However, you won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful views if you don’t have the best snorkeling gear. The Easy Snorkel full face snorkel mask is a true game changer. The full face snorkel mask takes away all of the discomfort that traditional snorkel masks still have. No more breathing through a tube, gagging or inhaling salt water. Don’t let difficulty of breathing keep you from experiencing the underwater world.

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What is a Full Face Snorkel Mask?

The Easy Snorkel is an innovative full face snorkel mask that allows you to breathe naturally through your nose and your mouth by covering your entire face while you swim. There are no mouth tubes or uncomfortable nose pieces. You simply breathe under water the same way you would if you were standing on land. On top of comfortable breathing, get ready for the best views possible. Thanks to the design of the Easy Snorkel, you will get 180 degrees of unobstructed ocean view. You won’t have to worry about fogging up either because the full face snorkel mask has an innovative dual air flow design that drastically reduces fog buildup.

Great for Beginners!

Many children and adults who are just starting off with snorkeling never return because of bad experiences due to ill fitting and poorly designed gear. The Easy Snorkel full face snorkel mask will give first timers a great experience because they will be able to focus on the sea critters and beautiful coral reef instead of constantly fighting with their snorkel gear or fighting the learning curve and getting comfortable breathing through the mouth. You simply put on and breathe. Beginners won’t have to come up to clear water, get rid of fog, or catch their breath. The Easy Snorkel takes care of all of that. 

Kid Friendly

Kids love to look under water. When you choose a full face snorkel mask, you aren’t going to have to worry about the kids as they snorkel and play in the water. The Easy Snorkel is a favorite of children of all ages. It allows the youngsters to enjoy the water without parents having to worry about potential safety hazards associated with distractions from gagging and fog. You can rest assured that your child will be able to breath and see with ease and comfort. Hand them out in your family pool, the lake and the ocean. The kids are going to love them!

Don’t let poorly designed hardware keep you out of the water. The next generation full face snorkel mask design offered by Easy Snorkel is changing the snorkel industry. Now everyone will be able to enjoy the activity without the hassle of discomfort or impaired vision caused by traditional snorkel gear.

Once you try a full face snorkel mask, you will realize how much better snorkeling can be and you will never go back to traditional snorkel gear.

Thanks for your attention! I'll see you in the water!

Emily, Co-Founder @ Easy Snorkel