Easy Snorkel FAQs

Q: How do I put together/setup my Easy Snorkel mask?

A: Watch the video above OR here are the written instructions...

  1. Slip the snorkel tube over the mount on top of the snorkel mask.
  2. Once the tube hits the colored seal, gently push it forward while moving the tube side to side and pushing down firmly to seal the tube. (Angling the tube helps with the alignment)

Q: What if I have a mustache, beard or other facial hair? Can I use the mask? Will it seal?

A: We have not had anyone with facial hair report any issues with using the mask. Carry on our bearded friends!

Q: Can I wear glasses under the mask?

A: Probably not.

Q: How deep can I dive with the mask on?

A: That's tough to answer and for liability sake we want to be careful with HOW we answer this question. We have had reports from other Easy Snorkel users of no issues diving a few feet under water.  However, the mask is NOT intended for diving. It is a snorkel mask, not a scuba mask. So, dive a your own risk!

Q: When I received my mask in the mail, there was a plastic film on it. Do I leave that on or take it off?

A: Take it off. That is just to protect the mask during shipping.

Q: Can I swim laps in a pool using the mask?

A: Yes, you should have no issues swimming laps in the pool as long as the mask is used as instructed. However, we DO NOT recommend diving into the pool head first with the mask on. So, no Olympic starts! ;-)